Work Blend Washed & Natural

Great For: Espresso

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About the producer

The Work blend is made up of an 80-20 blend of coffees from Brazil and Rwanda respectively. This blend features our direct trade coffee beans from Brazil and is produced by Danilo Barbosa. The Rwandan part of the coffee is sourced through Belco, a speciality coffee importer based in Bordeaux, France. The Work Blend is roasted longer & darker than our other coffees, which allows for a contemporary take on an Italian style espresso blend. We have kept the coffee with a dominant tropical fruit and boozy mouthfeel finishing with a mild dark chocolate finish. When added with milk the coffee cuts through and brings a mildly fruity, dark chocolate and robust taste.

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Boozy, tropical liquor & dark chocolate

Brewing Filter

Dose 19g to 36-40g out in 32-34 seconds.

Ethical, Speciality Coffee.

Inside every coffee bean, you can find a burst of flavour, aroma and body that provides you with an exceptional experience time after time. All of the beans are ethically sourced and roasted using professional tools and equipment to perfect the beans profile for your enjoyment..

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Hand-Roasted, High-Quality Coffee Beans

Ethically Sourced Through Direct Trade