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This single-origin coffee from Peru was purchased from Falcon Coffees and is made up of coffees from producers all over Cajamarca that were purposefully blended together based on cup profile. Eighteen different producers contributed to this blend, producers who are based in San Jose de Lourdes, Huabal and Santa Rosa de la Yunga. All of the day lots come from the middle part of the harvest in high altitude areas, which were processed and dried on the producers’ farms. Most producers in Northern Peru have their own hand pulping machine and fermentation tank where they process the coffee, before drying it on their patio or raised beds. Once the coffees have been processed, farmers deliver them as parchment to the Falcon warehouse in Jaen, where they are graded, analysed for moisture content, roasted and cupped.

The average farm size in this area is 1.5 hectares and the most common varieties grown are caturra, castillo, catimor and typica.

Falcon has been working in Northern Peru for several years buying speciality coffee from cooperatives and associations, over the years Falcon has built long-lasting and strong relationships with the cooperatives. Whilst a lot of the coffee coming to Falcon in previous seasons has been good, Falcon has struggled to impact that quality or make improvements in the supply chain. More importantly, the premiums Falcon has paid for rarely makes it directly back to producers, this is something that they have had little control over.

For these reasons Falcon have decided to change the way they buy coffee in Peru and work directly with producers. This allows control over financial traceability and helps improve quality. In order to allow full traceability and quality Falcon has set up a warehouse in Jaen to buy coffee directly from local producers, both benefiting producers and consumers.

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White grape, lime & caramel sweetness


Using a v60 we suggest using 15g of coffee to 240ml of water (95C) for a total brew time of 2:45 – 3:05 minutes. Use soft or filtered water for the best results

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