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In 2014, Israel Degfa and Kerchanshe became the majority shareholder of a private farm in the national park of Bale Mountain. They rehabilitated and replanted 75 hectares of coffee and the crop was ready to harvest in 2017. This is the second year Kamba have imported Bale Mountain, but only the first time that Israel has processed this coffee using the washed method thanks to the nearby Solena Washing Station.

Bale Mountain is a very interesting project for both its size and location. Located in the administrative area of West Arsi, formerly a part of Guji, the farm sits at 1900-2000 m.a.s.l and occupies 100 hectares of coffee production planting new trees year on year. The soil it is grown in is rich with plenty of forest humus. Due to its relative isolation, this area is not as common for coffee as others in the south, but there is a lot of recent development partly due to Israel’s success.

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jasmine, lime, honeysuckle & bergamot


Brewing using a v60 we suggest 15g of coffee to 230ml of water (97-95 Celsius) for a brew time of 3:40 seconds. Use soft or filtered water for the best results.

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