Brazil Natural Fermented

A single origin, natural fermented coffee.

Great for espresso

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About the producer

Danilo Barbosa is the owner and manager of Cachoeria Farm; his first coffee harvest was 79/80 crops. The success led him to develop the activity and growth of the explored area, acquirement of new farms and introduction of new harvest technologies were introduced. This led to increases in high-quality coffee production. Nowadays, Danillo looks after 490 hectares of coffee plantation with his sons and the quality control team. For the past two years, Danillo and his team have concentrated countless efforts on the improvement of the production processes and management. Danilo has always shown concern for the environment and has always taken care of nature, today he adds more than 186 hectares of the nature reserve. At the present, plans are been executed in order to certify the properties, to learn more on how to preserve the environment and to produce 100% sustainable coffee.

Only two varietals of bean can be found on Danilo’s farm, red catuai & yellow catuai. Once the coffee has been harvested, Danilo & his team then process the coffee using either a natural or natural fermented process.

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Red catuai




Rich chocolate, caramel, black cherry & molasses


For espresso we suggest dosing 18g of ground coffee & extracting 36-40g of liquid espresso in 26-29 seconds. Use soft or filtered water for the best results.

Ethical, Speciality Coffee.

Inside every coffee bean, you can find a burst of flavour, aroma and body that provides you with an exceptional experience time after time. All of the beans are ethically sourced and roasted using professional tools and equipment to perfect the beans profile for your enjoyment..

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Hand-Roasted, High-Quality Coffee Beans

Ethically Sourced Through Direct Trade